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Engage Citiziens

  Engage citizens through the use of Technology.

  • Create a face book page for Benton Township
  • Make web page user friendly with information that the community wants to see.
    • Add a multilingual feature to website so that our Latin populations can read our website.
  • Conduct a Benton Township satisfaction survey at every meeting.
  • Conduct a Benton Township satisfaction survey online for those that don't make in person meetings.
  • Create a You Tube Channel for board meetings so citizens can attend meetings online.
  • Help people understand the issues that the board seeks input on.
  • Send out a quarterly news letter to citizens letting them know what is about to happen and what has happened in the Township. 

Create sidewalks and Bike lanes for pedestrian safety

Goal:  Reduce the number and severity of crashes involving pedestrians walking and riding bicycles.

Generally, it is unrealistic to expect that all pedestrian needs can be addressed immediately.  So this plan can be done in 10  to 15 years.  The Township could set aside dollars from it's General fund every year for sidewalks.  Bicycle lanes could be striped in 1 year.

  • Create an accessible community where all pedestrians, including those with disabilities, can reach their desired destinations. 
  • Creating equity in undeserved portions of the township.  Lower income areas are always undeserved when it comes to public and private investment.  These undeserved areas where our community members live have little to no access to cars and a large number of pedestrians walking and riding bicycles.
  • Construct sidewalks in populated areas of the Township that provide a pedestrian link to schools, parks, and businesses. 
  • Create a sidewalk advisory committee appointed by the Township Board.
  • Add bicycle lanes stripes to main roads in the Township so that fast riders can bike on the roads leaving side walks to walkers and children.

Improving community and police relationships

Law enforcement has to treat all communities with dignity, employ restraint on police power, and uses only the degree of force necessary to maintain the community’s safety.

The Township needs to seek greater collaboration with and inclusion of community stakeholders; to improve training, policies, and practices to reduce the use of force; and to encourage stronger mechanisms for transparency and accountability, such as independent civilian review boards with disciplinary authority.   Township citizens should not fear the police,  Arrest and use of force by law enforcement are last resorts, not first options.

Reform Policies:

Things that will help build a relationship between community/police:

  • Maintain focus on the importance of collaboration, and be visible in the community. Law enforcement should interact with citizens when they are in non enforcement situations. 
  • Volunteer in the community they work in.
  • Use reformed ex offenders that live in the community to help garner trust between law enforcement
  • Create a citizens academy to create trust and understanding between law enforcement.
  • Mentor at risk students in local schools.
  • Take steps to reduce bias and improve cultural competency.
  • Promote internal diversity and ensure professional growth opportunities.   The township should actively recruit officers of color.  

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